Overdue Payment

This has been overdue since the day after the Tour of California rolled through the local mountains. While walking around Mountain High, i noticed numerous others doing the same. The difference between them and myself was they had a Champion Systems musette slung over a shoulder and i did not. I quickly clickity-clacked with my bike over to the company tent to see about resolving the problem. When i inquired they said "no way, Jose", but we will let you buy one for $25.00 or whatever the price was. $25 for a thin pocket of cloth and a narrow strap, thanks, but no. I went back and cried to the wife about my ill-fortune. 

The wife has a way of talking her way into things that i will never possess, nor understand. After a few minutes of haggling she came back and presented me with the musette shown below. I asked her how much blood they wanted, and was told all i had to do to even the score was post on the blog.

Four months later, here it is.

What can i say about Champion Systems? Not a lot actually, my experience with the company has been pretty minimal, to be honest. However, the team kit supplied by them from two (2) years ago, still remains my most worn biking attire (see blog profile photo), with little or no noticeable stretching or sagging. Some of the day-glo yellow on the jersey back, the area that takes the brunt of the suns harmful rays has faded (which may not be all bad), but the other colors remain bold. After whatever thousands of miles have been ridden in them, the zippers still work, seams are still holding, bib straps are still snug, and the elastic cuffs have not stretched out of shape. Clearly some quality stuff. So, thanks Champion Systems. Payment is made.