What's On the Menu?

There was some sort of Asian stir-fry; don't ask me to be any more specific than that, although I did recognize its spiciness. The Italian selection was very bold, fragrant. Spaghetti maybe, though I think lasagna was more likely. The ingredients may be somewhat similar, but the baking brings out a different scent. There was no doubt about the garlic bread that was being served with that pasta dish. Rounding out the Wednesday menu were three distinct barbecue entrees as well - two burgers, one steak. The sides? Well, those must be left to the imagination - greens, potatoes, a glass of wine, perhaps?

By all counts, it was a fairly international-flavored night.

I guess it has been a good three years since I last rode solo laps around the "Lower Loop". For that long it hasn't been necessary; there was always some time during the daylight hours to make up those weekday miles. 

funky night-time leg photo

Turns out, counted among of the things I had forgotten during that period of time, were the smells of dinner being prepared. Our unseasonable weather means people are creating culinary delights in their kitchens with windows wide open, or grilling outside. All those flavors came wafting out to the street as I rode by. Not much will get the legs spinning faster than the incentive of food, the complaint of a hungry belly being teased by someone else's cooking.

As tasty as they are, life is not so much like a bowl of cherries, as it is a smorgasbord. Last night's ride proved that, in more ways than one.