More Bikes for a Happy New Year

At the beginning of the holiday break a small army of maintenance workers under the direction, I assume, of campus police canvassed the Claremont Colleges gathering up all the bikes left at bike racks. I would not have known this if not for the fact that I passed by one of those little maintenance carts pilled high. It did not matter if the bikes were true abandons, or if their owners had plans to return them to active duty in January. They were all - roadies, knobbies, cruisers, beaters, fixies - lumped together as derelicts. Where they were taken I have no clue. Some storage facility, I suppose, from which their owners can reclaim them when they start back in with classes in the new year.

Somehow, the two bikes in the photo above managed to avoid the collectors and their carts. The one further away must have simply got lucky. The closer one may have presented special problems due to its extra-capacity size. I imagine they just did not know what to do with it so left it locked up where it was.

So, anyway, here is to seeing more of these around in 2014, or at least to seeing more of those garage shut-in bicycles I mentioned in January 2013 out and about on the roads or the trails, or the roads and the trails.