Monday Blues: Hi Ho, Hi Ho

That's "hi ho, hi ho" as in, "its off to work I go." The old employer called up last week to say that the building industry rebound appears to be real and they could use me back. I won't be quite a full-timer, and will still have my Fridays free for GMR, longer rides to the coast, or deeper into the mountains. But at least there will be a little more cash on hand for those expensive bike parts we all desire. Night rides should begin to factor back into the weekly round of rides, as well as a bike commute to work every so often. Or more. Best of all, I understand there is another bike commuter in the office now. Two is double one; the revolution starts now.

I don't expect any changes at the blog; things should roll along as they always have. I will just have to be more efficient in getting things done. So, beginning Tuesday I shutter up the home office and, like all those ducks in the water of Puddingstone, I will be trailing a wake on my way to work in the morning. Ride on.


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