Keep it Running / Viva la Bicycle

You know, the Pacific Electric Trail (PET) is not really my thing, but for many others it is - people getting to and from work, people out for a couple hours healthy recreation, spending time with family and friends. For them, Viva la Bicycle will be a great thing, pick up a little advice, a little help with a nagging maintenance problem.

Wheel just fall off, cable snap, handlebars spin around, pedal fall off, squeak driving you crazy, has your saddle sunk so low your knees knock into your chin? If any of these things happen while you cruise the PET, stop by Viva la Bicycle. 

Viva la Bicycle is a project of the Inland Empire Biking Alliance, and will open tomorrow, Saturday,  January 18, from 10:00 to 1:00. The repair shop is located at Viva la Vegan, 9456 Roberds Street, between Amethyst and Hellman, and just adjacent from the PET. They can always use basic materials - tires, tubes, rags, lube, patch kits, cable, etc, etc. All the necessaries. Repairs are free to riders in need.

Oh, they can also use volunteers.

Stop by if you are out tomorrow, say hello, offer some words of encouragement and thanks for their effort.