Slow Sunday Scenes: When Laziness is Virtue

Let's see, cyclocross in Temecula? Only an hours drive away, but no, even that seems like too much. Round two of the Triple Crown mtb series in Glendora? Much closer, but no. I would feel like riding there, but that is too much pavement riding on knobbies. Let's see, how about the weekly Sunday morning rides - Coates, Psycho's, Milly's - too late for any of those now.

The wife is out at an art show, the son wants to go to the comic book convention at the Packing House, then the comic book store in the Village (Shop Called Quest). Wants to spend his money as soon as he earns it; fair enough, there is only so much time left in childhood. Young adult brings all new responsibilities, perspectives, wish lists. Alright then, it is settled - we RIDE to the Village, get the comics, check out the farmers market, grab some lunch, just hang out together for a few hours. Thats a pretty good Sunday option, and I owe it to being lazy in the morning. Hope everyone else's Sunday (and weekend) was as lazy, or hectic, as you wanted it to be.

going where?

future rider

sunflowers still

full load of produce

big and small

aha! that's where, the afternoon coffee run

not a bad haul - not too many new one, but he filled in many gaps in his collection