From the Library: Mountain Biking Mammoth

The Mammoth area has long been an all-year adventure ground. The advent of mountain biking and the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park added an entire new level to the experience. This small book, which easily fits within a hydration pack, will guide you to, and along, sixty-nine trails between Glacier Lodge in the south and Lundy Lake in the north. Twenty-six of the described trails are at the mountain bike park. Each entry includes the standard information, as well as directions to trailhead, highlights of the ride, map, route profile, and turn-by-turn guides. Photos give a hint of what you can expect, and tempt you to explore something new. Knowing what trails to ride, which will meet your needs, and which will fill your desires will help you get the most out of a road trip. This is a good one to research the trails before you go, and to bring along as you criss-cross the mountain in search of the perfect trail.

Diller, Dave & Allison   Mountain Biking Mammoth: Mountain Bike Trails of Mammoth Mountain, Bishop, June Lake, & Beyond   California, USA: Extremeline Productions LLC, 2005