2013 Velocity Cross

Un-coincidentally hosted by Team Velocity, the second round of the SoCal Prestige Series of Cyclocross stopped off at Prado Regional Park, that enigma of a locale, a land that time forgot, an oasis abutting dairy farms and stockyards, a regional airport, a women's correctional facility, and tracts of new housing. As the photo above shows, we didn't quite leave the dust behind in LA, but it was tempered by great expanses of speed-sucking turf. Other than the competition, that turf may have been the toughest obstacle of the day; when it wasn't deep enough to force twice the effort out of the legs in order to turn the cranks, the endless bumps and rodent holes took over, jarring bones and brains. The downhill barriers were also interesting, throwing a little extra challenge, and one that was not entirely kosher rule-wise, into one of cyclocross's standard obstacles. One run-up, many small risers, and tight turns rounded out the trials.

The downhill barriers resolved into a left-hand turn which riders kept running, either too tight or too wide, and led to one of the best comments overheard today: "He's trying to take the course with him." I am not sure it was uttered loudly enough, or timely enough, for the rider in question to overhear, but it was quite the heckle for everyone else in earshot.

I always appreciate when racers keep their eyes up, rather than look down at their stem as they speed past, and so, it is good to hear that they make an effort to pose while struggling through an obstacle. Not sure who it was, but when one of the women's groups came through the barriers someone confessed that "it's hard to smile and do that" (jump the barriers).

On a day when temperatures again rose to uncomfortable the most useful, not to mention the cutest, words of advice came from the girl who told her father (in no uncertain terms) to "drink your water, cause you need it."

Click here for the Flickr set of 115, almost all racing shots, largely at the barriers.

I'll have to find something else to occupy my time the next couple Sundays, but will see you at the end of the month for the UCI SpookyCross weekend at the Fairplex.


  1. Your flicker link doesn't seem to work. It was a great race, just a major shock to my system!

  2. Oops, forgot the actual link, thanks Jason. You did look pretty worn down. Good showing by your son though.


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