Smooth Move Exlax...

Smooth Move, Exlax! I wonder, do kids still use that phrase today? I am sure it has been around as long as Exlax has. As a kid I recall hearing, and likely directing it in a disparaging way at some soul unlucky enough as to flub a move, and worse yet, do so in front of whatever kid conclave was assembled. For some reason it sprang to mind this morning.

The thought was preceded by a slow moving suv coming towards me from the opposite direction, a super-tight, corner cutting left turn maneuver (right in front of me), taking the driver onto a side street. This caused me to brake, just enough, with the left hand while throwing up the right, all five fingers fully extended, hand bent back slightly at the wrist - the international symbol for "wth was that all about." Of course the drivers' response was to flip ME off, as if I were the one who had just put another's well-being on the line. Of course. Needless to say it also clearly negated the old "I didn't see you" excuse. I hope the thoughtless turd in the unnecessarily large vehicle (ulv) put that split second he saved to good use at some point during the day.