From the Library: Women's Mountain Biking...

I suppose, technically, I am not the obvious choice to review a women's-specific guide, and it may have been worth it to solicit the efforts of a guest reviewer. Thing is, most of what is in this book is of a more universal nature. Yes, there are a few topics unique to the female of the species, but the bulk of what you need to know to ride the knobby tires, applies to men as well. As you might expect the bulk of the content here is relevant to beginner and novice riders; those who have been hitting the trail for years, probably know from experience what this book has to share. Finding the right bike for you, component and equipment selection, clothing, riding technique, nutrition, trail care, avoiding injury, bike maintenance, trailside repair are some of the universal topics covered in this book. What makes the writing especially relevant to women is that the author examines the topics from a female perspective - things like frame sizing, nutrition and health concerns.

Mountain biking has been a rapidly evolving activity over the past twenty years, and some of what you may read has become dated. Yet, while specifics may have changed over time, the basic knowledge, the information this book manages to share, remains relevant today. The book is part of the Trailside Series of guides, and does not look as though it has been updated since it was first published.

For: Riders looking for basic beginner to novice level information. Not terribly in-depth on any one topic, but a good starting point if you want to read up before hitting the dirt.

Kulier, Jennifer   Women's Mountain Biking: A Trailside Guide   New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1999