From the Library: North State Singletrack...

If you overlook the fact that "north state" in the title, in referring the Redding, Shasta, Whiskeytown area, is actually a little more focused, a little less all-encompasing than the great expanse of northern California you might expect. That narrow focus is a good thing; even if you only infrequently visit the region you will be glad to have this book on your library's shelves. By my count there are thirty rides listed here, everything between flat and easy along the Sacramento River, to the technical descents of Whiskeytown. In other words there is a broad range of trails from which to choose.

Each trail, which range from 1 to 36 miles, contains the usual distance and elevation information. There are also maps and profiles for each, as well as directions, highlights, and a little insight paragraph called "about the ride". Since the routes frequently criss-cross with other trails, forest service roads, fire roads, etc, the author has included extensive turn by turn directions, with interesting and helpful informational tidbits thrown in. That is all well and fine, kind of what we should expect for any respectable guidebook; what sets this one apart are the many personal photos from the various routes. Certainly worth it if you plan on spending any time in the area.

Walter, Max   North State Singletrack   Redding, CA: Max Walter, 2006