Double Dog Day...

Well, this is not really what I wanted to post up today, but I seem to be in some kind of writing rut. There are a couple things in the pipeline, one that has been in there for awhile trying to find its way out, and another of a more time-sensitive nature that needs to find its way to print sooner rather than later. Hopefully things will clear up soon. Until then I will stick with some photos from a family ride to Seal Beach last weekend: Though we were a trio, pairs seemed to be a theme on this particular outing where-ever else I turned my head.

you have two dogs, you need two baskets

dual cruisers

hombres y bicicletas

cruising couple

in a way one plus one can equal three (1+1=3) rather than two

long board duet

learning to ride, with a little instruction from mom

lazy in the grass