Cycling Claremont: Claremontian Cab...

Finally. Finally, I was able to see the new Claremontian Cab running around the Village. Mind you, it is not for lack of visibility - they just don't let me out at night very often. Anyway, last evening was Josh's first night cranking the pedals of this bicycle rickshaw (which, by the way, sounds much better than pedicab). He is not the only driver/rider of the Claremontian Cab, but it was he who was out and about for this First Friday Art Walk. The service is free, though tips I am sure, are much appreciated. The Cab operates Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, and is a good way to get from one end of the Village to the other, during Friday Nights Live, or whenever. You can hail them when you see them, or call for a pick up. Phone number and more information here.


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