The 2013 Ontario Grand Prix...

The 15th Annual Ontario Grand Prix was run today under cloudy skies. Weather forecasters threatened us with some thunderstorms, but the clouds were kind of weak approximations of storm clouds, and it actually turned out to be a pretty nice morning. I only caught three complete races, the masters 50+, cat 4's, and masters 45+, as well as some of the earlier juniors (men 13-14, women 15-18, men 17-18). Apparently it was a day for the sprinters, at least during the morning races; I didn't notice a serious break in any of those I saw, and they all came down to a gallop. I guess I missed my opportunity today as I heard someone say that the 50+ race was slower than normal; too bad, that slow part would have played right to my strength. One final race in the series next month - series champions will win their jerseys on August 18. Besides the photos below, there is a selection of 72 here.

Marvin Hall (UC Cyclery / JW Floors) celebrates victory in the masters 50+ race

watch the outside...

surprise! Bill Harris (BBI-SIC Cycling) inches past the UC Cyclery/JW Floors men to claim three series bonus points in the masters 45+ race

Josh Ruiz (SC Velo) 1st, Anthony Fitch (MRI Endurance Elite Juniors) 2nd, Aubrey Smentkowski (Rokform/Rock N' Road) 3rd in the Jr Men 17-18

Christian Sanchez (ACQUA AL 2/SDBC) 1st finished ahead of Nick Robertson (SC Velo) 2nd, and Weston Giem (Rokform/Rock N' Road) 3rd in the Jr Men 13-14

the 50+ field lined out behind Gary Wall (Pinnaclife Racing)

Brad House (Big Orange Cycling) cornering in the 50+ race

Robert Paganini (PAA/REMAX) during the 50+ race - 70 some years and still going strong. you know, my first impression of Mr. Paganini is from the old Wednesday night training race at Griffith Park, maybe late 80s; i made a mental note to the effect that "damn, that little Frenchman (the fact that I couldn't differentiate between a French and Italian accent is another story) sure likes to cuss."

getting serious in the 50+ race

Cat 4's around the final turn

Cat 4's

45+ field

another victory for Craig Miller, 45+ race