From the Library: We Might As Well Win...

Technically, this book is not a Lance Armstrong book, it is Johan Bruyneel's story. Yet because of the relationship between the two men, the further you progress into the story, the more difficult it becomes to differentiate that fact. Like any of the Armstrong books published thus far, or virtually any book concerning individuals involved in the sport over the past couple of decades, and before certain revelations were made you must read this with, not so much a grain of salt, as with a discerning eye. It is the product of the era in which it was formed. I imagine that a critical reading of this would reveal pages marked up with question marks, sarcastic comments, exclamations of doubt, and other what-have-you's (my copy is regrettably spotless, because I read it before certain revelations came out). Read this in that context, put it on the shelf, and look forward to the day you can compare it with a revised copy, with a perhaps, slightly different telling of this tale. Maybe with a title like, We Might As Well Win, At Any Cost.

Bruyneel, Johan   We Might As Well Win: On the Road to Success with the Mastermind Behind Eight Tour de France Victories   Boston, MA: Mariner Books, 2009