From the Archives: Tom at Los Portales, 1993...

This month's From the Archives scene is of the action at the 1993 Los Portales Whittier Grand Prix. Right in the middle of that action, wearing the stand-out pink Team Edge kit, is Tom Siegel, an old friend. Team Edge rode out of the Competitive Edge Cyclery in Upland (besides that original shop they also, these days, have a newer branch in Rancho Cucamonga). I am as sure as I can be that this was the Cat 3 race; American Commerce Bank and the Los Portales team also have a couple riders in this view. Judging by this shot, steel was still the predominant material for racing frames, and though one rider appears to be using Shimano STI, everyone else is still using downtube shifters. Back then, Tom was one of those Claudio Chiappucci-style riders - you never knew when he would launch his next attack. Like myself, and it seems many riders from those years, he left racing (and cycling) for a while, but has been getting back into it with the Milly's Riders.


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