Monday Blues: Schwinn Legacy...

I am not sure that applying the name Legacy to a simple cruiser is something that I would do.
On the other hand they are popular and inexpensive. Were not the Ford Model T, and the Volkswagen Beetle, each in their day, going to make the automobile accessible to the masses - the cruiser is kind of the bicycle equivalent which, in its way I suppose, makes it legacy worthy. Yes?

Or no?

When I think of the word legacy I think of greatness, of something outstanding, something worthy of being held in esteem, exemplary. Maybe the Schwinn approach to the word Legacy is from a different angle than my own. Perhaps legacy in this case has to do with quantity. As cyclists we tend to obsess about numbers - miles, speed, elevation, steps on a podium, we search for ways to encourage more people to choose bicycle travel in their daily lives. So, just maybe, Schwinn was looking at sheer numbers when naming this bike, that getting more bikes to the people, equates to more people on bikes, and is therefore a fitting legacy.