Bikes and More, One Final Seattle Post...

Like any large city, Seattle has more to see and do than than can possibly taken in during one visit. I dare say one could live there for years and still not see it all. Below is a little sampling of what I saw this time around the Emerald City.

amazing gingerbread house display, each house was fairy-tale themed, and
designed and built by local architectural firms. this Alice in Wonderland creation was by Weber Thompson

facade green man in downtown

pirate tandem at the Pike Place Market

gloriously hot chowder on a cold day

Seattle waterfront

waiting line for the morning cupa joe at the original, the one that started it all

Pike Market signage

well ... okay, sure

the only falling snowflakes this year were inside

ships passing in the night, no. bikes passing in the day. crossing the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks

detail of Salmon Waves, by Paul Sorey, at the Chittenden Locks

one of the smaller locks

reaching skyward. totem pole and space needle

a break from the winter storms, sunset at Kirkland

the reason so many bikes up there are fender-equiped

and since part of the experience is getting there (and back), the clouds dissolved just long enough for this view of Mt. Shasta