2013 Full Circle Cycling Lines Up...

I have written about the extent of bike racing in the Claremont area here, and at the Claremont Cyclist, in the past; numerous prominent teams are located here or nearby, and it is common to see their team vehicles or riders on the local roads. One of those has been / is Full Circle Cycling. The elite-level racing team Full Circle Cycling, have kicked off their 2013 racing season, as well as releasing their roster to supporters on their Facebook page. Some of the riders are returning from last year, others are new: Brandon Trafton (USA), Chuck Hutcheson (USA), Shawn D'Aurelio (USA), Marcel deLisser (USA), Daniel Clifford (Ireland), Mike Rudling (UK), Dion Smith (NZ), Patrick Caro (USA), Mike Fosselman (Director Sportif).

Twenty-five year old Daniel Clifford will be racing his first year outside of his home country where he has had a number of high placed finishes since 2009. These include winning Stage 4 of the 2011 Suir Valley 3 Day Race, 3rd on Stage 1 of the 2012 Ras Mumhan, and 3rd on Stage 3 of the 2012 Paddy Flanagan Memorial Race. Clifford also raced in the prestigious An Post Ras last year where he finished a respectable 63rd (145 finishers), and 13th in the County Riders Classification.

Mike Rudling has spent most of his young racing career competing in the United Kingdom where, like Clifford, he acquired a tally of high place finishes including a Stage 1 Time Trial win at the Roy Ludford Memorial - Tour of the Milbury's. 

Dion Smith is another of Full Circle's new young riders, coming onto the team after competing last year with New Zealand's, Pure Black Racing team. Since 2010 Smith has raked in numerous top ten finishes during races in both his home country, as well as in Canada. These have included two 2nds and a 4th place finish, as well as 2nd overall in the Coupe des Nations Abitibi (Juniors) in Canada, and 1st on Stage 1 of The 2012 Hub - EMC2 Bikes Cycle Tour in New Zealand.

These three riders from abroad will add a new and exciting international flavor to the squad, and though young still, contribute their own unique experiences of racing around the world. Though I don't believe a team schedule has been released yet, watch for, and cheer on, some of the Full Circle Cycling riders competing during races in the southland, and in bigger races in the western states. Beside the team's Facebook page, you can also follow their progress via the team website.