Upcoming: The Return of Cycle Claremont...

Save the date now. It will be here in two blinks.
The first ride of Cycle Claremont's second season
Sunday, September 23
complimentary bike check / minor maintenance at 1:00
1:30 (or earlier)
ride at 2:00

Expect a choice of two routes - the basic, easy Bicycle Priority Zone loop (same as last year)
plus a slightly longer loop through north Claremont

I'm not convinced that the later start time is the way to go.
It will be too late for lunch in the Village afterward, and the farmers' market will be over, but it's a test. We'll see how it goes.
It is all about the ride this time.
Infrequent riders can brush up on their skills, the young 'uns can test themselves for that first ride to school they have been begging you to let them do, and as always, it is a perfect opportunity to meet and greet some great people.