Small Reviews: Paper Shower...

The Small Reviews series was supposed to be a number of product reviews following last year's Interbike show. Unfortunately, after the first - Bookman Lights - things got lost in the shuffle, and I never did get to the remainder of them. Until now:

In this day and age in which we live, I often find myself balking at the use of products which come with a lifespan of a single use. The Paper Shower clearly fits into that category. But, sensibility considerations aside, this works as well as you would expect it to, and better than any comparable product on the market. The towelettes come in packs of two - one wet, one dry - to be used in tandem. They are made with partially recycle materials, and as seen in the photo, unfold to a size nearly as large as my messenger bag. That size is a distinct advantage. I have long done my bike commuting with a bag slung over my shoulder(s). The contents of that bag have always included a small-sized towel; even at that, however, the compact nature of the Paper Shower towelettes takes compactability to another level.

The product website notes that the wet towelette is unscented yet, though they may not possess that strong chemical smell of a Wet Wipe, my nose did pick up a distinct fragrance, more subtle perhaps, but still there. Perhaps the recipe has changed over the past year. In either case, the scent did not seem to linger, so I assume I did not spend the remainder of the day smelling like a medicine cabinet. So, how did they work? Less well than a full-on shower (but then how many bike commuters have that luxury when they reach their destination), and noticeably better than just a wipe down with a dry towel. The wet towelette both helped to remove the sweat stink, and in some way seemed to speed the cooling process on an especially hot day. Not an everyday use item for me, but on days when I need, or want, a little more effectiveness, certainly. Incidentally, and obviously, I considered this product strictly from a cycling/commuting standpoint, but Paper Shower has much wider-world applications as well.