Ritte + Women + Racing...

Everyone knows Ritte van Vlaanderen by now, right. Road, track, cyclocross, they make themselves noticeable. I have taken photos of Ritte juniors dominating the circuit at Nevada City, of Ritte CX guys tearing into the competition during cross season. And then there has been the lone Ritte gal in the local criteriums - lone being the operative word, I don't think I have ever seen more than the one. Realizing that, it is a real chain whip to see them upping their sponsorship of a women's team. Is there anyone who does not think Shelby, Peta, Jen, and Kelli, will be easy to notice on whatever circuit they happen to be contesting. Someone took some great photos for the teams e-Sponsor Book, which you can view here. I tried to embed it here so you wouldn't have to jump. But no go. Make the jump anyway, it is worth it.


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