PSA: Claremont Safe Routes to School...

Guilt is a good thing. Don't deny it, when properly applied it can initiate change. Positive change. And that is a good thing.

If you were born into one of the generations that became hooked on motor vehicles, the single most destructive invention in history, and wondered if there were something you could do to help reverse the damage, to help the youngest generation(s) get onto a more healthy, less destructive track, you are in luck. Here is one such opportunity. In order to solve a problem, we first have to admit that a problem exists. Surely anyone who has ever walked, ridden, or even driven by a school in this country at certain times of a morning or afternoon, has realized that there is a problem. One that needs to be resolved. Take a step, or pedal, in the right direction and volunteer (just a minimal amount of time) with the Claremont Safe Routes to School program. You can help set a course for a more sustainable future, one in which both youths and the adults they will become live healthier lives.

Since the photo came out a little more blurred than I would have liked, the contacts are:

Maria Tipping -
Tom Shelley -
Larry Scheetz -
or the SRTS program coordinators thru the website link above