Interbike 2012: Fashion Statement...

For good or bad, fashion seems to have crept into the cycling world to the point where it is no longer a second or third cousin sitting over at the end of the family table. It is a key component of the bicycle industry, and no doubt brings new adherents into the fold. I am not talking just clothing here, but accessories as well - accessories for the person, and for the bike. There are two fashion shows taking place multiple times each day during Interbike, one a Technical Fashion show presented by the Mann Group, and the other (photos shown here) is a City Fashion show presented by Momentum Magazine.

sporty made fashionable

reversible jacket was a hit judging by the applause; purple when he walked out, switched to white with purple accents, when done

Unfortunately I did not see a list of designers or makers for any of the ensembles shown above. There must have been one, though, right? Maybe I can still run one down, and fill these photos out with some identifying captions. Clothes for pretty much anytime, anywhere. Reflective bits, either a little or a lot, worked into the design seemed common. I'm not talking the old stripes and bands with a strictly functional purpose. Nope, reflective dots, floral patterns, even text worked either subtly, or boldly into the designs has become the standard. What do you think, not much here that says "cyclist", right. As I said, anywhere, anytime. More to come...

Update: I was just informed that there is indeed a list, it was not prepared in time, but will be available tomorrow. Update of the update: Alright, well sorry about that. Still no list. I did notice for today's technical show, an announcer was added, but that doesn't do me any good for the City show. One more day to go.