Interbike 2012: Best of Show...

If you can walk the aisles at the show for three days, looking, talking, listening, ingest it all, analyze everything you learned and saw, and then be able to declare a Best of Show, you have me beat. There is just too much good stuff, and it all leads to one thing, sensory overload. As a result my preferred method is to simply go with my gut feeling. Generally speaking, as I walked around there was plenty of stuff that had me saying wow, that is nice or, wow, I would love to try that. But then, in among all those wow's you come upon a WHOA. You know right then and there, on that spot, you have found the Best of Show. So, without further ado,  I give you the Dario Pegoretti Marcelo Pista.

Clean, straight, angular lines. Simple elegance. As you may have figured out, or maybe you already knew, Pegoretti bikes are hand-built and hand painted, and so the question you have to decide how best to answer is, is this a bike or a work of art? Would you design a special mount and hang it on a wall, or would you dare to ride it? 

A bonus - another Pegoretti on display.

I think I would put these into the category of show bikes (as opposed to performance bikes), would ride them on special  occasions, clean them afterward, and then up on the wall they would go. The remaining posts from Interbike will deal with the nitty gritty, the stuff we would use on a daily basis; there shall be more to come...


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