Cycling Claremont: Little Libraries + Book Shares...

The Courier beat me to this one. A couple, or three, days after the wife returned home from a walk and noted that she had seen a little library at the bottom of Mills, just above Foothill, the Claremont Courier came out with their story about the little libraries and book shares popping up in hidden corners of the Village and residents front yards around town. It is true - you snooze, you loose. These are great anyway you look at it, but even more so if you get around by bike - you can cruise from one to another until you find something worthwhile, exchange and ride on. Reading and riding, two of my favorite things. Three of the four I know of are shown here, the fourth and most decorative one (at the Packing House), I am yet to snap a shot of.

Mills, near Footilll

in the Village, nearly behind the Press

Cambridge and Ninth

found another - Harrison, just west of Indian Hill