Accelerated Braking: A Refresher...

I was going to write this whole post about how some drivers we encounter can't be bothered to slow down for, what would at best be a handful of seconds, in order to safely move wide around a cyclist traveling in same direction. But the weight of words became so oppressively burdensome, and still were not saying what I wanted them to, that I balled up the paper and started over. Has anyone not experienced the sensation of a driver squeezing their vehicle into the lane between ourselves and the lane line/center line.

Another persons life or limb is not a calculable risk in this situation, they are unnecessary risks, risks that could be avoided by simply lifting the right foot off one pedal and applying it to the other. It is not physically difficult, it is not mentally taxing. Basic driving 101. I have long been curious as to why some people find it so easy to apply a little downward pressure to the one pedal, yet apparently find it so difficult to do the same with the other. Whether a driver is negligent in recognizing the inherent risk, or is unconcerned is irrelevant. Both are equally dangerous. Someone who fails to take into account the safety of others does not deserve a place on the road. Short and to the point then: A show of hands, would anyone miss them if a few more vehicles were removed from the road? Anyone? I thought not.