Two Wheel Tuesday: Rich

"... You know the way
It twists and turns
Changing color
Spinning yards

You know the way
It leaves you dry
It cuts you up
And takes you high..."

Those Peter Murphy lyrics sound a lot like a Two Wheel Tuesday ride looks, this week's edition in particular. I don't think the evening light and color could have been any better, and I just happened to capture the dirt(y) bunch coming uphill from just the right direction to suction every bit of color from that grassy hillside. In all the years I have been riding Bonelli, I can't recall a single instance of seeing someone riding up that trail, down being he preferred direction apparently.

Know where you get those same rich colors - in a pint of the La Verne Brewing Company's finest. I think this may have been the fourth consecutive Tuesday with Las Hermanitas tacos for post ride dinner as well; there may be something to say for Friday and Saturday, but Tuesday is giving them a run for the money.