Two Wheel Tuesday: Volatile Sky

Well, that little bit of rain in the late afternoon / early evening made for a real earthy smelling ride. The scent has long been there, covered in dust, waiting for the early summer to pass, the first monsoon moisture to arrive, wash the dust from all that dry mustard, decaying leaves. It was just enough rain for the live plants as well; the fennel did not only smell of licorice, it could be tasted on the tip of the tongue. It was just enough rain for the water level at the crossing to be deeper, running swiftly, black and mysterious. Deep enough to wet shoes. The wind that pushed the rain in, knocked down more trees, two around the evening loop alone. Though the rain, such as fell at Bonelli, had ceased by ride time it was still terribly humid; a simplified loop to avoid the most oatmeal-like sections of trail was enough to bring us to overlooks and views, remnants of a volatile sky, dropping a curtain on the evening show.


  1. The day is dark, and dreary;
    It rains, and the wind is never weary;
    Thy fate is the common fate of all, Into each life some rain must fall....
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    1. Good reference, but by 6:30 I'd missed it all.


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