The Local Bike Stand to the Rescue

The past couple rides on the mountain bike have had a kind of sluggish feel to them; on the road I have often described those times as feeling like I was dragging an anchor. Usually it was just me not feeling especially fast. 

This time was something different though - clearly the bike, rather than me. So when I got home from work at about 12:30 this afternoon I set to some serious drivetrain cleaning before heading out to ride. Spinning the cranks backward while cleaning and then lubing confirmed that something was not right; flinging the cranks backward, they barely spun a quarter turn before coming to a stop, confirming that the bottom bracket (b.b.) may have served its time.

I started to remove the cranks before realizing that I did not quite have what I needed in the tool box to get the job done.

I had been waiting for a reason to give the Local Bike Stand a call, and here is was. Finally. Messaging them, I received a response after just a few minutes, and it was only another few minutes more before the doorbell rang and I showed Greg in to assess the situation. Loosening the cranks seemed to un-seize things, but the bearings on one side were a bit ragged and I agreed it might be a good time to replace it. Even though the bearings in modern bottom brackets are self-contained and mostly maintenance free, they are not going to last forever.

No more than an hour later the doorbell rang again - Greg, back with a new b.b. From start to finish the whole thing took a couple hours, maybe 2.5, but I did not have to load the bike on the car, drop it off at the shop, leave it for however long (maybe even until tomorrow, and then go back again to pick it up. All that time most certainly would have meant no mountain bike ride today. By calling the Local Bike Stand I now get to go ride. Win.

If you have something you need done to your bike and can't, or don't want to do it yourself, give the guys of the Local Bike Stand (all former Coates mechanics) a call or text. It is well worth it, and highly recommended.

new bottom bracket installed, spinning smooth, and ready to ride