A Smelly August RAP

Fifteen RAPers came out this morning, fourteen on bikes and one in a trailer, for the monthly ride whose theme this time was one of potential intrigue - the smells of Pomona. Hmmm, that left a lot of room; would those be good smells or bad ones, would we be visiting toxic, industrial type sites, or riding past panaderias with the scents of fresh baked sweets wafting through open front doors? Maybe donut shops, hot and fresh, or the smell of carnitas cooking ahead of an afternoon fiesta? When the "terrible trees" RAP rode along the streets of Pomona a couple months ago there was really only one interpretation of the theme. This one was more up in the air, a mystery only requiring a rotation of the pedals to unfold.

As it turned out, unsurprisingly, the scents were as varied as the city itself. There was the scent of diesel and railroad as we crossed the tracks on the way to Thomas Plaza in the early morning, and a visit to the "East End" the industrial area on the east side of the city, so designated early on by city leaders so that the associated olfactory stimulators would waft east on the breeze, over the fields and feedlots of Chino, rather than bother the residents of their fair city. There were the smells from the meat market and from Donahoo's Golden Chicken which, at the right time, permeate all the way down the street. There was also talk of trees, a lot of trees, and their unique scents.

Of course the theme, as all the others, are merely a means of tying the ride together; more than anything, the RAP (Ride Around Pomona) is an excuse for people to get out and explore, on two wheels, an area they may not otherwise know much about, have much experience with, an excuse to meet other riders who, sometimes, even turn out to be neighbors. 

The RAP rolls out from Thomas Plaza in the middle of the Arts Colony at 8:30, the first Saturday of each month. To receive notice of future rides like the RAP on Facebook, or follow / join the  Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition.

But first, a quick morning gathering and feeder ride leaving from Grizzly's Biscuits and Donuts

the group at Thomas Plaza, with more joining along the way


along this street...

along that street...

stopping occasionally for a short talk by Marcus...

then on the way again...

and ending with coffee, coffee-like drinks, and baked goods at Mi Cafecito.