Two Wheel Tuesday: Two Against One

No fair. Slowly and carefully making my way home from work only to discover a front flat tire on the back-up-turned-main mountain bike is not the way I envisioned the evening progressing an hour earlier. Already behind schedule due to the "slow and careful" drive, there would be no time to fix the flat so, another abrupt cross bike ride with the Two Wheel Tuesday mtb group came into being. While I attempted to solve the problem of a front tire with no bite, which turned out to be a non-problem after all, I failed to take into account the challenge of the trail-a-bike riding dad / son duo. I have been upping my game on the Ibis lately, tackling routes with more rough and tumble pedigrees, for just such an occasion. 

Oh, it was a terrific see-saw battle, me versus them, neither side willing to concede, until I realized I was witnessing it all from behind. There were others on the ride as well; passing along a dollar here, another there, they tried to help with guile and distraction, pointing to where an alligator floated just a blink earlier. To no avail - I wasn't buying any of that. With intent we rode past the playground; "can we dad, can we." I thought I saw my chance, but it was just a ruse - false hope leading to a rocky road upon which I stood no chance. That is when I saw my truth, "duck out now while no one is looking." Well it was two against one after all, and just not fair. Until next time, ride on.


The chase is on.

Oh look, an alligator. Really.

Right over there.

The chase is on.

Sunset and wind patterns on the water.


  1. Always a pleasure, thank you for riding and post ride sustenance.


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