Metro Bike Share at the Rose Bowl

Stopping in at the Rose Bowl Flea Market this morning I spotted, the after-effects of, a rider hit by an illegal U-turning driver, and this new Metro BikeShare docking station. Though I heard the collision, but did not see it, there is not too much to say, other than to add the driver did not flee. As to the second, and according to the Metro map, the Rose Bowl station is one of thirty-two planned for the greater downtown Pasadena area (from the Bowl on the west, to Allen Avenue on the east). 

"Where are the bikes?" I wondered that myself, until discovering that the system grand opening is to be held on Friday 14 July. Other locations of stations in Pasadena include Old Pasadena, the Playhouse District, the Levitt Pavilion, South Lake, PCC and CalTech.

Best thing is, if I find myself in the area on a Tuesday or Thursday at 6:00pm without my own bike, I won't need to be disappointed to miss out on the Bowl Ride - just whip out my TAP card and I'll be good to go.