Two Wheel Tuesday: The Mob Rules

When Black Sabbath released the Mob Rules in 1981 (yes it was that long ago) I played the title cut alot, so, "come onnnn,

Close the city and tell the people that something's coming to call...

Break the circle and stop the movement, the wheel is thrown to the ground
Just remember it might start rolling and take you right back around
You're all fools!
The Mob Rules!"

In an interesting twist of the norm, the cycling types outnumbered the car club types, and kind of took over the main room at the La Verne Brewing Company following last evenings Two Wheel Tuesday rides. There were so many folks that the good people at the brew house brought out extra folding tables and chairs to accommodate everyone, then called up the Big Guyz Grill so we would all have something to eat at the end of the rides. Hard to say if all those bodies was due to an increasing popularity of the rides, or if the promise of birthday cake, to go with the beer, brought extra people out for a little mob fun. The joke afterward was that, maybe, a birthday should be scheduled every week.

the Mob Rules

special headgear for the birthday girl

they're off

we're off

superstitious? the Headless Single-speeder don't need no stinking headlight to ride the trails in the dark

a quick regroup

like looking in a mirror

did someone say cake?

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