Tuesday Again: Deuces and Darkness

Deuces, twos. Second time for the Tuesday ride during which the dirt version doubled the number of riders from a week ago and, so it was said, was the largest group (10) since the ride began. If you ask me, even though four of the five riders from last week returned, the six new riders conspired to increase the pace and add a little more challenge. Of course it didn't truly get speedy until my headlight went dark with a quarter of the ride still to go; not able to see the trail well, I took to the familiar pavement of Puddingstone Drive, revving up to a good fifty miles per hour. What? Well, maybe that is just how it seemed. I couldn't very well let the rest of the group taking the parallel dirt trail reach trails end before me, could I?

It didn't take a blackout for me to realize just how much wildlife roams the hills and hollows of Bonelli Park at night. I am not talking the skunk and coyote variety, although those are out there too. There are a goodly number of mountain bikers traversing the trails singly and in small groups. There are the dudes who emerge from secreted places smelling of smoked stuff. There is the party ride, I'm not quite sure who they were, but they came up the road at one point, radio blasting, at least one lei bedecked helmet, just out having a great time. 

As usual, it was a good bunch to ride with, laughing off spills and a flat, going with the flow, what ever riders felt like, consensus determining the route. If you have ever considered giving night-time mountain biking a try, you ought to consider this one; I have almost no mtb-in-the-dark experience, but feel completely comfortable out there - just need to remember to head out with a fully charged light. 

Roadies, mountain bikers, and those who cross between the two, came back together after riding for some tasty brew and a little talk at the La Verne Brewing Company. Funny, during the ride I kept trying to figure out where I had seen one of the other riders with us - it wasn't until we finished that I realized "oh yeah, she has served me beer here before." Not one, but two of the good people of LVBC joined in tonight - brewers and bikers. Deuces wild.

The Tuesday (another two, as in second day of the week) rides for both road and mountain roll out from the La Verne Brewing Company at 6:30 pm; check the Two Wheel Tuesday Rides on Facebook, including the next one, October 11.