The Marshall Canyon De-Duster: Location, Location, Location

With Halloween just a few days away I had some ulterior motive to do the Marshall Canyon - Cobal Canyon Loop this morning, I needed some up-to-date photos for the annual Ride Through Spooky Hollow story. Appropriately enough we got some dark rain-type clouds moving through to help mute the sunlight; unfortunately those rain-type clouds have, so far, done nothing to quench the regions thirst - a few drops from a momentary sprinkle made it through the oak canopy, and that was it. Not exciting at all. Maybe it was for the best, I did get a good ride in, I did get those photos I needed, and I got to see the brand new De-Duster - I guess in an election year, getting the Parks Department to put your name on things is a good way to get your name out there. As the plaque on the bench says - 24 years a trail boss - does carry some clout. Not that I am necessarily complaining mind you, if Mr. Antonovich made this little canyon improvement possible, as well as the new trail signs here and at Bonelli, I guess we can live with his name on it. I am kind of curious about how they determined the location, however. Not two hundred yards away, down the trail, in a nice shady hollow is a long-established equestrian group area with a few picnic tables, hitching post, even a rustic restroom. Nice place. The De-Duster on the other hand sits at a sun-baked bend in the road, no shade, no other amenities - but it does have the view. I say that made all the difference. Location, location, location.

just a taste of things to come

a little trailside henge monument

my first impression was a directional arrow, but on second thought a very elaborate peace sign

the Antonovich De-Duster

a respectable view today

hitching posts are good for wheeled steeds too

not quite sure all those signs are necessary, but "sign, sign everywhere a sign..."

Coyote Howl Pointe view with (I believe) Santiago Peak rising in the southern distance