Metrolink vs. Metro Gold LIne to CicLAvia

Another CicLAvia is coming up this weekend and, since it is my favorite - the downtown LA / East LA route - and since I have not been to CicLAvia in a while, it seems more than likely the ride will slot into the weekend plans. The question is how to get there? Metrolink is easy enough, and I have taken my bike aboard numerous times but, as you know, run times are limited which, in the past, has meant leaving the event early to rush back to Union Station so as to not miss the return train to Claremont, and then have to wait around for another couple hours for the next train. On the other hand Metrolink is pretty fast with relatively few stops, and those dedicated bike cars are a big plus.

Then there is the Metro Gold Line, which has inched its way closer to home, though still has a big gap to fill. Trains are more frequent, but there are many more stops. I would be unconcerned about missing a train from Union Station, because another would be along shortly. On the other hand, without dedicated bike cars, and many people attempting to board at the same time, would that pose a problem? The Blue Line between LA and Long Beach can be pretty crushed for space, but I managed that successfully early in the Summer. I have never taken my bike on the Gold Line so am less familiar.

A question then: For those of who who have travelled with bike by both modes - in your experience, what are the plus or minus factors for each?