Where Did They Go?

Sometimes things are clear, like a straight line across a plain, while others are not so well defined, like why throwing an S-curve into the pattern might be better. This morning, or was it yesterday, I opened up the blog to notice that the lists of other blogs that I like, that I had [painstakingly] assembled, had mysteriously disappeared. Why Blogger, or Google, or Anonymous, or whoever, chose to delete them I have not a clue. Mostly, those lists were for visitors to the CLR Effect, like yourself, a sharing of information. There was also some cooperative spirit involved, you know, "you share my blog, I will share yours" kind of thing. I have those other sites on my reading list, or bookmarked, so I can always check in those other ways. If you were one of the few who used those links to find other sites I apologize (although I had nothing to do with their disappearance). Who knows, maybe some day they will return just as suddenly and mysteriously as they went missing - another strange S-curve without explanation or comprehension.