Postcards from the Rock & Sand Club Loop

In honor of this opening weekend of the SoCal Prestige Series of cyclocross racing (Krosstoberfest, at Whittier Narrows) I decided to take the Ibis out around the Rock & Sand Club Loop. I keep reading forecasts calling for dropping temperatures, but it seemed pretty damn warm out there to me; the relentless sun, the dearth of shade, the choking dust, the jarring rocks conspired to sap my strength and limit me to a three lap ride. Man it was a great start to the weekend.

Not much you have to watch out for in that wide open basin - low-flying helicopters, coyote poop, hidden dust puddles and pallets in the middle of the road...

oh, and maybe trailside cholla.

Lakeside shade - watch for that too. A nice place for a rest.

A lot of tracks on the Loop, just not sure if they were made by recreating riders or homeless living in the more secluded areas.

This seep seems to be permanent. From a broken pipe, or a shift in the earths crust bringing water from an aquifer to the surface?

In case you forget - it is the weekend after all.

What ever riding you do this weekend, where ever you do it, make it good.