Season of the Ride: Levitt on the Lawn

apparently, at least a few others rode in as well

For a long time I was a dedicated bike commuter, every week, year in and year out. Not every day, two or three days a week at best. More than that seemed like a level of commitment that was out of reach and, at the time, impractical. It nags at me that those weeks have become few. I have tried to make up for the lack by running as many short trips around town by two wheels as I can. All those short errands we do daily, or weekly, or even occasionally. Like last night. Once again Scripps College played host to another of the Levitt on the Lawn concerts - the Levitt Foundation is "dedicated to reinvigorating America's public spaces through creative placemaking and creating opportunities for everyone to experience the performing arts" - to that end the Foundation funds a series of free performances throughout the year and across the country, including at three local venues, in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and here at Scripps in Claremont. The Railsplitters, hailing from Colorado, created more than just a little stir to the air - their eclectic bluegrass harmonies energized that little patch of turf with some foot-tapping, head-nodding, cartwheeling fun.

The four mile round trip was unbelievably easy to make by bike in the cool evening air. With the summer season well upon us, opportunities to leave the motor in the garage in favor of walking or riding, are multiplying quickly. Friday Nights Live, the First Saturday Art Walk, the Summer Concert Series at Memorial Park, the weekly farmers' market, 4th of July festivities, and other untold events in the Village, or at the Colleges are all within easy reach from virtually any point in town, and even from some of the neighboring burgs. Who, these days, really wants to drive (uuggh) when they don't need to? So go ahead, commit to arriving to at least one of the local summertime events, by bike this year; I think you will discover how pleasant the journey can be, and you will be setting one heck of a good example.