Slow Sunday Scenes from the Village

You know, I have long held a belief that Claremont is situated in a kind of wind shadow, a lot like a rain shadow, only with regard to wind. Mom has said that the old family homestead, in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, has been battered by some crazy strong winds lately. Go a little way to the east of us, and you will find those same winds howling down through the Cajon Pass and pestering Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, and the cities out that way. What I have noticed around here during the same few days has largely amounted to a gently waving of leaves. It is that wind shadow. But I never had any proof.

Then, one night, I was watching some weather report on the newsertainment and there it was - one of those active maps showing wind currents curving this way and that across the region. They were really moving pretty much everywhere I looked. Except for Claremont and immediate areas. The wind, as represented by those arrows, would sweep down from the north, hit the San Gabriel Mountains, and then bend around east and west, leaving us mostly unscathed. It was interesting, but mostly I was stoked to have my theory confirmed. (Keep in mind, this does not mean we are wind free here. In the evenings we get the last of the winds being drawn inland from the coast, and then there are those other inexplicable days, when they come in from the north. But those are anomalies, and don't affect my theory in any way. I think the newsertainment will back me on that).

Anyway, the past few days have been pretty amazing, in a typical Spring weather kind of way. No races, or other events to go to today, so it was time for a nice easy ride around the Cross Town Loop and into the Village for some Slow Sunday Scenes:

If that little gal rolled with the Coates Ride today, she may have quite a future in cycling


fast, going slowly

traffic stopping

Claremont's cycling Mayor rode in to the Village, to talk a bit (I think) about the Claremont Educational Foundation raffle of that Scion you see parked there

and rode out the other direction, or I could have got a better shot

mountains' majesty


I think he did that motorized conversion himself

blue hibiscus

done shopping

the kids are alright, because the kids all ride

parasol sunny

crooning with guitar

parting shot at Bonita and Yale, but oh that rear tire could use some air.


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