Happy Birthday Mr. Castillo

In this Facebook age it is not everyday that we get to wish someone happy birthday in person rather than through the keyboard [hmmm, now that I think about that I'm not sure it makes any sense, but I'll leave it]. With an 8:30 ride start time this morning, I thought I could do better than a keyboard greeting and present wishes to Mr. Castillo directly. Riding up to the Euro, my phone said 8:27 - time to spare, yet there was no one around. They must be really punctual, I thought, but after two minutes of riding in circles, track standing, leaning against the curb, and looking up and down the street for the Mrs., who was walking the dog in this general direction, I couldn't convince myself to wait sixty more seconds. You know that Cookie Monster commercial in which he puts some cookies in the oven to bake then tells Siri to set the timer, then after twenty minutes of goofing off asks how much time is left, and finds out that only a minute of actual time has passed. What they don't show is that he turns Siri off, pulls the cookie sheet out of the oven and just eats the raw dough...

So off I rode on another Cross Town Loop. I wouldn't have been any good for Bonelli road loops, and would have turned off on the first dirt access we came across anyway, I told myself. And Facebook is still there, yes?

Powerline - enjoy it while you can, probably won't be long before they come along with the grader.

the Public Plaza - festive, but very quiet this morning.

a few weeks ago I mentioned this tipped upside-down ram at the new Pomona College art studio, but didn't have a photo of it. It's still there. As I turned and prepared to ride off into the oak woodland for a bit, I felt a tug at my rear wheel and looked back to see WHAT THE HELL is... a giant hand had grabbed hold, with a surprisingly solid grip, and had to be prised loose before I could roll away. 

Peacefulness and excitement - all in the span of an hour - a good start to the day. Find yours this weekend, and have a good one.