Bonelli Park Mtb: Riding the Flume

It was such a nice day, my only regret is that I couldn't ride well enough to equal it. What ever insignificant ride I did yesterday didn't seem to leave much energy for today - maybe it is a good thing I didn't ride with the Dirty Chain Gang. Anyway, I think I will continue that "lack of energy" excuse and just leave this as a photo post. 

pockets of poppies beside the trail

helipad reservoir overflowing via the spillway

the flume trail - quite a rush coming down that thing

the water seems like it has receded a little - the bridges are for a triathlon tomorrow - if you usually ride there on Sundays, you will be sharing some of the trails

Herbert picked that mustard up a week ago - a little drier now, but still there.

And... No. See I know what you have been asking yourself. What I meant by that up above, is - quite a rush of water. Not adrenaline. Although I am sure adrenaline would have been rushing to if... but no.