Monday Blues: A Pox on You

Ah Spring (I know, it's not really that season yet, but it sure feels like it), when people leave their comfy couches for the great outside, to take walks and hikes in the sunshine, warm air, and clear skies. Anyone else notice an increase in foot traffic on the trails lately, of people accompanied by their four-legged friends? Anyone notice an increase in the little piles, or scatterings, of dogs**t littering those very same trails and wonder if there could be a connection? 

Lazy bastards, if you can't respect the fact that there are many other trail users out there, if you can't pick up after your pets, as is your responsibility, why don't you just go back to your couches and leave the outdoors to those who can respect it.

Come to think of it, I believe I voiced the same lament about this time last year, only then the piles were in bags left in the dirt. This year people don't seem to bother with even that small amount of courtesy.

Well, and just so as to not leave you with that image, here is one a little more pleasant: