Monday Blues: Picks Himself Up

This is the final shot in a sequence of six photos, and was the only tumble I witnessed all day, on Saturday, at Southridge USA. I am not sure how I knew this rider would be the one; no other riders passing by a sequence numbering more than three. Premonitory, lucky, just plain weird? The first four photos look fine - he is taking the same line as everyone else, he clears the drop, the rocks, he is well back and off the saddle. In the fifth shot, though, his weight has clearly moved forward as you might expect if he had suddenly squeezed the front brake. In that fraction of an instant everyone around knew what was coming next - dirt thrown up, a cloud of dust, impact, tumbling. People jumping over rocks and shrubs to help, lend a hand, pick up the bike. But the rider is okay; he picks himself up, shakes his head, confirms that he indeed is alright, checks his bike, twists the bars. Heads back to the shuttle for another run.