It's Back: The Old Yellow Basso

Yes, it is - the Basso - had been hanging in the garage for a while, stripped of most of its components, which had made their way onto the "faster rig". No longer; they are all back where they belong. You know what that means? It means, all steel, all the time now - road, mountain and cross. Know what else it means? All you people riding silly carbon fiber frames are going to look pretty foolish being dropped by "ol' yeller". You're just going to have to get used to it. You're also just going to have to wait a little bit because as I was running through the set-up I snapped the seatpost binder bolt. Eventually, though. Eventually.

No, I was not going to ride the rollers in jeans and flannel - just adjusting the saddle height.


  1. Pure Italian stallion, all dressed up in Campa... Love it !!!

    1. Oh yes. The only proper way to deck out an Italian.


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