Demo(lition) Man

Original Grace Slick version, or later Police remake? Does not really matter in the grand scheme of this post; other than that word "demo" in the title I can't really make out any connection. But, hey, I am liking these demo days - keep 'em coming. Both Coates and Incycle were out there at Bonelli today with reps and fleets from some of the brands that the two shops sell. If you couldn't find something you liked, you might have been trying too hard. My problem is that once I find something I like, I tend to fixate on it to the exclusion of others. So, yes, I pedaled around a good long time on the Pivot Les that I admired so much back during the November [?] demo. And, as it turned out, nothing else. The Mrs. rode a Liv at the previous demo and, this time, went for the Juliana. Every time I asked how she liked it, her "its nice" response was kind of dazed - I don't think she ever got past the idea that she was rocking a fully tricked out $10,000 bike - luck of the draw, the extra small she needed came loaded with all the loudest bells and whistles.

a thumb's up from the helpful, patient Juliana mechanic and we were good to go

Katie, from "the City" was returning to the Juliana tent following an early morning run on her demo bike when the mrs. asked her to join us. Not being familiar with the trails out this way, she said sure. I immediately thought there was something familiar about her, and as I overheard bits and pieces of conversation between the two gals it began to fit together. Suspicions were confirmed when I asked if she raced with the She Wolf Attack Team. Yup, she has been at many of the cross races I have shot over the past few years. Anyway, between the novice and the expert, the consensus was that the Juliana is one sweet ride.

My ride for the morning - aggressive looking, isn't it! Look, I know by now that I am going to be caught on any bit of descent, and no amount of extra suspension is going to help, so why not go out and make people suffer on the climbs? The Pivot Les will do it - I'd still like a second ring up front though.

The Mrs,' ride for the morning - Juliana.