Cal Poly Frame Building Club

Honestly, I don't know if I would have been cognizant enough to take advantage of a bike building program if my alma mater had one back then - it would have required a bit of prescience to read how the future would evolve. I mean, at that time bikes were just bikes to me, not yet the super machine they have since become. Meaning, I suppose, that I would certainly be gung-ho to join in now. Last year I made mention of a bike building program at the University of Iowa (who, by the way, will be showing at NAHBS this weekend - cool). A little closer to home we have a, roughly, similar program, the Cal Poly Frame Builders Club, a student club of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Though it does not seem to be particularly active, the group also has a page in the Facebook realm. There has not been a post on that page since October of last year, though, so I can't even be sure they are still around. Anyone know?