It's All About the Access


If you value the ability to flow along unique trails, even ones that you may not get to ride but once a year, or less, don't let this opportunity pass to make your voice heard. 

On Friday I received an email from IMBA about a new threat to trail access in the Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra National Forests. You may have read recently about a new push to designate previously open forest lands as wilderness which, as you are also aware, will put them off-limits to bicycles. It does not need to be this way as there are other designations that the Forest Service could use, designations that would afford protection, yet at the same time leave them open to bicycle travel.

At the time I received the email I didn't have a link to provide you, but thanks to the Mount Wilson Bicycle Association I now do. Click here for more information, and gain access to a sample response letter. As noted by IMBA and MWBA, rather than simply copying and pasting, you are encouraged to spend a little time to draft a unique response, something the USFS will be more likely to pay attention to.

All submissions must be made by Monday (the 1st of February), so don't delay, get on it today.

photo via IMBA