For Everyone, From Greenhorn to Booshway

Back in the day I was all into the historical reenactment thing - the era of the mountain man to be specific. For all the years of research into the lore and craft, I never really got much beyond the level of "greenhorn."

my "other" kit. can you spot the watermelons?

This was not due from lack of knowledge. It was not due to lack of effort, passion, or enthusiasm. I suppose, my failure to rise to the role of booshway was, more than anything, due to a lack of opportunity. Rendezvous, and other gatherings were not all that common and were, as likely as not, to be held in far-flung corners of the Western states. During days at the university I stumbled upon one in the Ojai backcountry. Additionally, if you didn't, or couldn't make your own accoutrements and possibles, it's not like you could make an instant online purchase (no internet); nor were there mountain man and fur trade reenactment shops located every few miles across town. When I finished up at the U and moved back to The Valley I was fortunate to have a supply shop nearby - the Buffalo Robe - the next closest one? I don't know, Arizona? Utah? Colorado? Bakersfield? Lets just say, not very close. There was plenty of adventure, if you consider chasing a bear that had just broken into your cache down a mountainside to be adventure. Sure, adventure.

And then there is bicycling. Just about anyone can do it. It, and all the things you need to do it, are easily accessible, and readily available. Within a ten mile radius of home I count eleven bike shops. At least. There are group rides everyday of the week, every day of the year. Not that you need any of that - a chain and two dependable wheels and you are on your way. Every time you roll out the door the prospect of adventure is a possibility. Heck you might even chase a bear down the mountainside after you startle him from eating berries beside the trail. That is some adventure there too. 

*If you suspect that the theme of today's post may have something to do with my seeing The Revenant over the weekend, you would be correct and, unless you ask in person, I won't reveal where they took liberties in the age-old mountain man tradition of story embellishment.